H&H Ever Source Trading Ltd (“H&H") was founded in 2005 and today has over 10 years of export experience in China. It is a company registered in Hong Kong. 

Mr. Vince Hua is the founder of H&H, his professional background includes years of experience in consulting business prior to launching his own company. 

H&H is a sourcing company in watch parts that primarily sources and specialize in customized mother of pearl plates dials made from Mother of Pearl shells (MOP). Our goal is simply to provide the best quality MOP plate to watch dial manufacturers,and we aim to build strong, thriving partnerships with luxury watch companies mainly base in Switzerland. 

H&H also supply and source semi precious stones; intricate watch parts (watch index, watch dial, watch hands, stickers); ceramic products; and-brass settings; sapphire glass or mineral glass with different level opacity (PVD). 

In addition, we can source and re-mold our products according to specific requirements. In order to deliver you the best product possible, we execute strict inspection measures to assure high quality before shipment. 

We only work with experienced merchandisers who form the foundation of our vast network, giving our company the advantage in keeping in step with current market demands. Furthermore, we enforce a corporate strategy that establish customer trust through successful business relationships by outstanding performances, meticulous attention to quality, and providing only products and services that completely satisfy all of our clients. 

Due to our high quality service, competitive pricing, and client-oriented designs, our products have been in demand throughout the Swiss market.

Company Introduction

Nacre also known as mother of pearl (MOP), is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer; it also make up the outer coating of the pearls, Its strong, resilient, and iridescent.   Nacre is found in some of the more ancient lineage of bivalves, gastropods, and cephalopods.

However, the inner layer in the great majority of mollusk shell is porcelaneous, not nacreous and this usually results in a non-iridescent shine, or more rarely in non-nacreous iridescence such as flame structure as found in conch pearls. The outer layer of pearls and the inside layer of pearl oyster and freshwater pearl mussel shells are made of nacre.   The main commercial sources of mother of pearls have been the pearl oyster, freshwater pearl mussels, and to a lesser extent the abalone popular for their sturdiness and beauty in the latter half of the 19th century.   Widely used for buttons especially during the 1900’s. Mother of pearl buttons are used in clothing either for functional or decorative purposes. Nacre is also used to decorate watches, knives…etc. Although pearls are popular today and have served for different purposes, the most common use is to make jewelry, most often referred to as organic jewlery.


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